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Carrer de Concell De Cents, 378. Call 930 24 7539 for reservation

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We were honored to host one of the most amazing foodie bloggers of Barcelona @foodieinbarcelona and happy to share with you her article about EatMyTrip Restaurant Barcelona.

“Of all the food categories out there, brunch, in particular, has an affinity with Instagram. There is something inexplicably mesmerizing about a part orange yolk being pierced and oozing out, lava-like.

The breakfast bowls, like miniature edible Japanese rock gardens. Do you eat delicately, a spoonful with shaggy coconut another with pumpkin seeds or do you unceremoniously muddle the lot into a sloppy lumpy mess? A tower of pancakes. The boxy depressions of waffles. They are green here, colored with Matcha, topped with that egg, a lacquered rasher of bacon and a tussle of the rocket.

EatMyTrip Restaurant – so called because the menu is made up of inspirations from Genia’s (the young owner’s) travels – is visually led. That tower of pancakes? At EatMyTrip you can have yours with cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, fruit and wearing an upturned ice cream cone, placed jauntily to the side. They do a blue-hued cheesecake colored with spirulina. Even the most pedestrian of breakfast plates are transformed into off the wall creations full of vivid colors and unusual combinations. If Willy Wonka had a granddaughter and that granddaughter opened up a brunch place it would probably be a lot like EatMyTrip." Keep Reading

Come and feed your tommy and eyes, EatMyTrip Restaurant located right in the center of Barcelona,  very close to Passeig de Gracia, main street of Barcelona and just around the corner from Placa Tetuan.

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