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The EatMyTrip brunch restaurant has gained a good reputation for serving one of the best brunches in Barcelona.  Located in the Example Dreta district next to the Girona metro, our cozy place has a terrace to enjoy the sun during a morning gathering full of real surprises.  The design of our dishes will amaze even the most pampered Instagrammer.  A high-scale sensory journey inspired by different gastronomic cultures from classic American recipes, passing through the Swiss Alps, mixing flavors from Japan, Korea and Thailand.

Top-notch specialty coffee, pancakes, salads, smoothie bowls, fresh juices, and delicious creative dishes that you won’t find anywhere else.  And of course, dreamy homemade sweet cakes.  On the menu there are several vegan and gluten-free options.  It seems that there is no doubt where your next brunch in Barcelona will be!

Brunch Madrid Latina


Madrid Latina

The coolest brunch place in Madrid is now operating in La Latina neighbourhood facing the famous Almudena cathedral, Segovia bridge and Las Vistillas gardens

At EatMyTrip Brunch restaurant we serve breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes all day, every day of the week. “I WANT IT ALL” says the motto on the wall and that’s exactly what you think when you read our brunch menu. Pair the scrumptious brunch dishes like Thai or Macho Iberico eggs Benedict, salmon and avocado toasts, Acai bowls, Pancakes Party or Magic French toast with specialty coffee, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, bottomless mimosas and other cocktails and you will get a perfect brunch formula.

Plenty of gluten free and vegan options are always present leaving you without any doubts on where to go for brunch in Madrid next time!

brunch madrid malasana


Madrid Malasaña

You’ve been asking for it, you got it – finally an Eatmytrip Brunch Restaurant in Malasaña! And guess the COOLEST NEWS – at Malasaña location you can literally BRUNCH ALL DAY because we are also open at night time.

The menu combines our most popular brunch dishes with mouthwaterinfg specials and colourful modern comfort food for dinners. As usual we created epic fusion flavours that you never tried before and plated it in our WOW way. But shh, let it be a surprise…

Creative all day brunch and dinner menu, specialty coffee served by trained baristas, vegan and gluten free cakes in a beautiful airy space with panoramic windows and a lot of plants create a unique ambience, making Eatmytrip Malasaña one of the must visit restaurants in Madrid.


Barcelona Gràcia

Eatmytrip Brunch & Coffee brings a new concept of brunch to Barcelona.No more queues; take your brunch to the park🌞 or sip up bottomless mimosas all day in our new cozy cafe near me🥂

For our new breakfast place, we designed a new all-day brunch menu 😋 with a range of Takeaway Options, Specialty Coffees, Lattes, and Cocktails while maintaining the best Breakfast Classics and the famous EatMyTrip presentation.

Our Brunch may be served with fluffy pancakes, eggs Benedict, or avocado toast. Gourmet sandwiches, wraps, healthy bowls, and smoothies are available for takeout. Specialty coffees and lattes range from classic cappuccinos to Iced Turmeric Latte and Barbie Chai. Enjoy classic cocktails like Aperol Spritz, Mojitos, and Gin Tonics, as well as bottomless mimosas.

EatMyTrip, I wanna eat it all! 💓😍


cake shop

Brunch Menu Highlights

(V) Vegan (VG) Vegetarian Option (MF) Milk Free (GF) Wheet Gluten-Free 




2 poached eggs covered with truffled hollandaise sauce, crispy iberian jamon & spinach on cheesy bikini, accompanied by roasted potatoes with smoky BBQ sauce. Suggestion: add avocado, jalapeños or pulled chicken.



A skillet of truffled roasted potatoes, 2 poached eggs, melted gruyere cheese, mushrooms, pickled red onion, parmesan and homemade multiseed bread toasts. Suggestion: add jalapeños, bacon, jamon or pulled chicken.



Poached eggs on top of brioche bread, sauteed spinach & mushrooms topped with panang curry sauce, papadums & peanuts. Suggestion: add avocado, salmon, bacon, pulled chicken or potatoes.



2 creamy scrambled eggs with chives, guacamole, house marinated salmon, creme fraiche on top of toasted sourdough bread. Suggestion: add kimchi, jalapeños, potatoes.



Roasted sweet potato stuffed with homemade kimchi, 2 types of hummus, pico de gallo, avocado & tahini sauce. Suggestion: add egg, salmon, bacon, jamon, pulled chicken.



Pancakes to share with different toppings and sauces, fresh fruits, granola & a tower of cotton candy.


specialty coffee

from  €1.60

Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat white, Iced latte, Chocolate latte, Chai latte Prana, Match latte, Barbie chai latte.

smoothie finns forest


Fresa, arándano negro, frambuesa, mora, plátano, leche de almendra

smoothie colombia


Mango, semillas de chia, naranja.

zumo gili air


Zanahoria, naranja, jengibre.

zumo hulk


Manzana, espinaca, jengibre, pepino

smoothie detox


Plátano, frutos del bosque, carbón activo.


Hi there! My name is Genia and I invite you to discover the world of EatMyTrip – the most creative brunch restaurants! I consider myself a brave and adventurous person, with an immense desire to create and surprise. The path to my dream began after discovering distant countries with their exotic and authentic gastronomy.

Since then I have dedicated myself to creating EatMyTrip brunch restaurants – my unique breakfast places where typical American breakfast dishes are spiced with the touches of world cuisine. My restaurants in Madrid and Barcelona are not just brunch places, what we offer is a real trip, an edible trip that can take you to the Swiss Alps, Japan, Korea or Thailand. We give away delicious flavors, surprises and incomparable emotions. We jump from joy when we hear the “mmmm” and “wooow” from our customers when they try our specials like “Magic French Toast” or the “Pancakes Party”.

Our mostly vegetarian menu consists of classic dishes such as avocado toast, English breakfast or eggs Benedict, spanish breakfast, healthy breakfast options like bowls and vegan brunch salads, açai & smoothies, waffles, the tastiest pancakes and homemade bespoke cakes that include gluten-free and sugar-free options by our bakery. In addition, we serve absolutely unique breakfast, brunch and lunch fusion meals that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our coffee shop works with top quality beans freshly roasted by local coffee roasters. Premium quality specialty coffee that will fill your mornings with pleasure and energy.

I want to thank all the EatMyTrip cafe customers who have supported me and my team with their feedback over the years. Thanks to you we have earned the fame of one of the best brunch restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid.

Ready to unbuckle your seatbelts, check in your hunger luggage, and take off on a journey of incredible flavors? See you at EatMyTrip brunch restaurant!


Genia Sukhacheva - founder eatmytrip brunch restaurants



In out brunch restaurant in Barcelona we don’t accept reservations, we work based on a ¨first come, first served¨ system.

Nearly all of our menus are vegetarian. Depending on the season, we offer about seven different vegan brunch options, including avocado toast, Korean kimchi and sweet potato brunch, buddha bowls, acai bowls, as well as additional smoothie bowls. We also offer a variety of vegan cookies in numerous flavours, vegan and gluten-free banana bread, along with plenty of vegan drink options such as smoothies or coffee mixed with vegetable milk.

Yes, we serve gluten-free brunch, breakfast and lunch options. We do also make gluten-free bread in house. We do not, however, guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur. The wait staff will provide you with assistance in choosing suitable options that fit your dietary preferences.

Absolutely, we are child-friendly restaurant. Children absolutely enjoy our food, they particularly like our candyfloss domes, so they are a pleasure to have around.

In Barcelona we have 6 tables at the terrace. In total we can accomodate 24 guests at the terrace.

Of course yes, our Brunch Restaurants both in Barcelona and Madrid are dog friendly. We offer water to the dogs and welcome them as guests.

Yes, it does. All our pastries and breads are made on site, from everyday cookies and cakes to custom-made sweet cakes for weddings, birthdays or any particular event. Please click here to order a cake: (link).

On our menu, a classic English breakfast is available. But it is not entirely a classic one. Instead, we combine it with local dishes to create what we call a ‘Spangnish Breakfast‘. This is made up of creamy scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, Spanish chorizo, red beans and sourdough bread.

Yes, our healthiest options are our brunch and lunch healthy bowls. They have a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, contain no gluten, no added sugars and are a good source of nutrients and vitamins. These bowls are perfect for lunchtime, and light enough to energise you for the whole day.

We are, yes, a coffee shop where you can buy specialty coffee beans, locally and freshly roasted. Our team selects rigorously the excellent local coffee roasters and we choose the provenance of our beans according to the different seasons. Our qualified and trained baristas make the most tasting coffee drinks from the highest quality beans we can find. Whether it is an espresso, Americano, cappuccino, creamy flatwhite, iced latte or great flavoured coffees, you will find them all at our brunch restaurant.

We mean that we provide brunch (wide variety of dishes served in the form of late breakfast) each day, during the whole day.

For those who work from home and are looking for breakfast, brunch or lunch delivery our everyday menu is available through Glovo, Uber Eats and Deliveroo. 

Also you can order special gift boxes here(link) that would be delivered on the day you need.

We have a cranberry and dulce de leche cheesecakes, a gluten-free carrot cake, non-gluten brownies, a vegan and gluten-free banana bread and healthy sugar-free truffles that we serve every day in our brunch restaurant.

Our dishes are priced from €5, 95 and you can also get a fresh pressed orange juice and a piece of cake for €4, 50.

EatMyTrip is a brunch restaurant in Barcelona with a cozy tropical atmosphere. The hidden gem for those who are looking for the best breakfast restaurant in Barcelona!In our Coffee Shop, you’ll find the best fair-trade specialty coffee, we are known for work with the most skillful coffee roasters in Barcelona.We have a bakery and a cake shop and all sorts of custom-made homemade epic cakes. Do not miss delicious catering for you events from our pastry shop. We are welcoming in our cafe all digital nomads and providing hi-speed free wifi and great vibes, what makes us one of the best places to work in Barcelona. Vegans are very wellcome as EatMytrip is vegetarian cafe and Deli and always has vegeterian options present in the restaurant.One Two Three Four Five Areas Served