Brunch restaurant & Cake shop


GF - Wheat Gluten Free, V - Vegan, VG – Vegetarian, MF - Milk Free

THAI BENEDICT EGGS      MF   VG ________11.95
Poached eggs on top of soft buns, sauted spinach with mushrooms poured with panang curry sauce, greens and chickpea papadums 
Suggestion: add bacon, pulled chicken or pulled pork

ALOHA WAFFLES     _____________________ 11.95
Hawaian spiced pulled chicken with pinapple, fried egg and coleslaw on top of belgium waffle drizzled with our smoky bbq sauce

PANCAKE TACOS     VG____________________9.95
Pancakes filled with guacamole, black beans, corn, red cabbage, crema agria and pico de gallo.   VEGAN version available
Suggestion: add pulled pork or pulled chicken 
VEGAN version available

PULLED PORK BAOS   ___________________10.95
Steamed bao buns filled with pulled pork soaked in malaysian satay peanut sauce with red cabbage and crunchy peanuts 

NORWAY BAGEL  _________________________9.95
Our kind of bagel with dill cream cheese, cured salmon tartar, cucumber, coleslaw, red onion rings, chives, capers, cherry tomatoes and salad leaves 

ASIAN BOWL      V  GF  MF  VG ___________11.50
Thai coconut curry rice with marinated tempeh, edamame beans, wakame salad, pinapple, lime, fresh coriander, mint, coconut flakes and peanut sauce 

LATIN BOWL      GF  MF __________________12.50
Chipotle sauce rice with shrimps ceviche, guacamole with nachos, sweet botato wedges, choclos, jalapeño peppers, purple onion rings and fresh coriander 

MEDITERANEAN BOWL     VG   GF________10.95
Red pesto quinoa with dates, served with feta, hummus, spiced chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato wedges, kalamata olives and salad leaves.   
Suggestion: add poached egg, salmon or pulled pork 
Vegan version available

GUACASCRUMBLE    ____________________10.50
2 scrambled eggs with guacamole and cured salmon tartar on a toast, dots of sour cream 

GUACAMOLE TOAST      V   MF  VG ________6.95
Mashed avocado on a toast with roasted cherry tomatoes, salad leaves and seeds   

HUMMUS TOAST       V   MF  VG___________5.95
Carrot based hummus with pumpkin and sunflower seeds on a toast with roasted cherry tomatoes and salad leaves

Happy Chicken Egg your way 1.8
Feta cheese 1.5
Cured salmon tartar 3.0
Flamed Bacon 2.0
Spanish jamon 2.0
Pulled chicken 3.0
Pulled pork 3.5
High fiber multiseed oatmeal bread (wheat GF) 1.5  


VARENIKI SPECIAL      VG________________9.95
House made dim sums filled with seasonal berries, ricotta and cream cheese, served with coconut & almond chia pudding, toasted almonds and more! 

MAGIC FRENCH TOAST       VG _________10.50
Soft brioche soaked in cream and drizzled with our salted caramel, served with seasonal fruits, sour cream and infused sugar floss!

CHOCO LOCO WAFFLES     VG __________12.50
Belgium waffle craziness with hazelnut artisan ice cream, fresh fruits, chocolate flavoured cream cheese and roasted marshmellows

APPLE PIE PANCAKES    V  MF  VG_______8.95
Our fluffy vegan pancakes British style: with amaretto and rum frangipane filling, blueberries, almond pastry cream, agavecomb, apple puree and crunchy almonds

Our version of the famous swiss Bircher muesli made of oats, activated buckwheat and millet soaked in pinapple juice and coconut milk, topped with homemade granola, pear poached in hibiscus and strawberries

Chia seeds in almond and coconut milk, seasonal fruits, homemade buckwheat granola (GF version available)

INDIAN LASSY     V  MF  GF  VG__________8.95
Sugarfree smoothie bowl made of mango, banana, turmeric, ginger, coconut milk blend and topped with homemade granola and fresh fruits

AÇAÍ ENERGY BOMB     V  MF  GF  VG____8.95
Refreshing and creamy organic Brasilian Acai smoothie bowl blended with banana, avocado and almond milk and topped with homemade granola, fruits and nuts

PINK DRAGON    V  MF  GF  VG___________8.95
Organic pink dragon tropical fruit smoothie bowl blended with mango and coconut milk and topped with homemade granola and fresh fruits

Hot Coffee

(with eco cow milk from Selvatana farm or local eco oat milk)

ESPRESSO ________________________1.6

Double Espresso________________2.1
(double expresso + water)

(expresso + 100ml milk) 

Cortado _________________________1.8
(expresso + 150ml milk)

Coffee with milk _______________2.2
(expresso + 200ml milk)

Latte/Cappuccino M ___________2.5
(expresso + 300ml milk)

Latte/Cappuccino L ____________3.0
(double expresso + 300ml milk)

Latte/Cappuccino XL ___________3.5
(double expresso + 300ml milk)

Flat White _______________________3.0
(double expresso + 200ml milk)

Chocolate Latte ________________3.5
 (expresso + expresso + 200ml milk)

Eat My Trip Latte ________________4.5
(chocolate sphere and marshmellow surpise)


Special Lattes

(with eco milk from Selvatana farm or local eco oat milk)

Housemade Chai Latte___________3.5

Green Matcha Latte______________3.5

Blue Butterfly Latte_____________4.0

Goji Berry Latte__________________4.0

Barbie Latte _______________________3.5

Golden Turmeric Latte ___________3.0

Charcoal Latte ___________________4.0

Hot Chocolate  ____________________3.5


Iced Lattes

Iced Latte __________________________3.9
(double espresso + 300ml milk + ice)

Iced Coffee Lemonade _____________4.5
(espresso + homemade lemonade + ice)

Affogato ___________________________4.0
(vanilla icecream + double espresso)

Iced Matcha Latte __________________4.5
(Matcha green tea + 300ml milk + ice)

Iced Chai Latte_______________________4.5
(Chai tea + 300ml milk + ice)


Black/ Green________________________2.5

Chai Tea______________________________2.5

Herbal tea___________________________2.5
(Rooibos, Yogi, Frutos del Bosque, 
Hibiscus, Manzanilla, Menta Poleo,     
Blue tea Butterfly Pea Flower)

EXTRA Milk ___________________________0.5


Oliviers Moroccan__________________5.5 
(avocado, almonds, agave, almond milk)

Azteca Power _______________________5.5
(cocoa powder, banana, coconut, maca,
coconut milk)

(banana, peanut butter, oat milk)

(berries mix, banana, water and charcoal powder)

Finns Forest________________________5.5
(strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, banana, almond milk, agave) 

(mango, orange juice, chia seeds)


100% Natural  Juices

(orange juice) 220ml/375ml_____________3.0/4.5

(apple, pear, orange , lemon)_________________4.5

Gili Air
(carrot, orange, ginger) ______________________4.5

(pear, cucumber, spinach, ginger)_____________4.5

Cold Pressed Juices SUKO_______________3.9
(REVIVE: apple, pineapple, cucumber, celery, spinach,lime, ginger, avocado; RADIATE: carrot, orange, fennel,turmer,ginger; BOOST: cucumber, spinach, rocket,fennel, apple,kale, lemon; FLOW: pineapple, carrot, beetroot, ginger, basil)


Homemade Lemonades

Lemon & Cucumber____________________3.0



Hibiscus & Rose_______________________3.5


Osmosis Purified Water

Still  500ml / 1L__________________1.6/ 2.1

Sparkling  500ml /1L_____________1.9/ 2.6


Beer, Wines, Coctails

Brutus Craft Beer 0,33ml __________3.5

Glass of ECO White Wine____________3.9

Glass of ECO Rose Wine _____________3.9

Glass of ECO Red Wine_______________3.9

Glass of ECO Cava___________________3.9


Mimosa Cocktail
(Cava + Orange juice 100%) _____________4.9

Rossini Cocktail
(Cava + Strawberry Puree 100%)_________5.9