18 Of The Best Brunch & Breakfast Places In Barcelona

18 Of The Best Brunch & Breakfast Places In Barcelona


Brunches in Barcelona are all the rage these days! Even though it’s now called “brunch,” I’ll always think of it as that irresistible, not-quite-breakfast-but-not-quite-lunch meal. It can be sweet or savory, a delightful mishmash of ingredients, and you can enjoy it guilt-free at any time of day. I constantly crave it!

Numerous brunch restaurants in Barcelona have jumped on the bandwagon to offer this sought-after culinary experience. But how can you avoid falling into the trap of sky-high prices or lackluster brunches that won’t cure your Sunday hangover? Fear not! I’ve done the legwork for you, and today, I’m sharing this ultimate list of the 18 best brunch places  in Barcelona. Enjoy!

Top rated Brunch places in Barcelona to book this weekend

Determining whether a brunch is truly good is quite simple. A great brunch should satisfy not only your stomach but also your soul and energize your body. It’s a meal designed to banish those morning woes and provide you with the necessary fuel for the day ahead. The brunch restaurants of Barcelona  listed below were selected not only for the delectable flavors of their dishes but also for their inventive and unique decor, all while keeping prices reasonable—a rarity in this city.

1. EatMyTrip Brunch & Coffee Barcelona

The best brunch in Gracia with a delectable selection of specialty coffees

Every Sunday, I treat myself to a date at Eatmytrip Brunch & Coffee in Gràcia. There’s nothing that fills me with more energy and self-love than the flavors, vibrant colors, and the ambiance of this place. Self-care becomes effortless when you have the city’s highest-quality brunch dishes melting in your mouth. The fancy breakfast menu contains all the morning treats from crispy toast with creamy eggs to fluffy pancakes with fruity concoctions and super-nutritious bowls catering to both vegetarians and vegans, the options are endless. And as if that weren’t enough, it boasts the widest array of specialty coffees and lattes in Gràcia and Sarrià, drawing crowds daily eager to savor them.

2. Eatmytrip Brunch & Bakery Barcelona

The most instagrammable brunch in Barcelona

I haven’t shared the best part about Eatmytrip yet: they have another brunch location in the center of Barcelonain L’Eixample! So, no matter where you find yourself, you’ll always have the best brunch in Barcelona within reach. Since 2018, Eatmytrip Brunch & Bakery has been delighting customers with it’s bright, healthy and unusual breakfast menu inspired by the tastes all across the world. It’s a charming, inviting breakfast place with an enticing summer terrace. Everything on their menu is a treat, from the Eggs Benedict Tai and the Macho Iberico to the Salmon Bowl with truffled eggs and the enchanting Magical French Toast. Every dish is a must-try, and savoring every last bite is a given.

3. Little Fern

The most irresistible vegan brunch in El Poblenou, Barcelona

One of the pioneer Barcelona breakfast restaurants, located in Poblenou that successfully captured the affection of locals, brunch enthusiasts, as well as vegans and vegetarians in the vicinity. The proprietors infused a taste of New Zealand into Barcelona, adding a personalized and international flair that quickly became irresistible. What’s etched in my memory about Little Fern forever is the exquisite flavor of their Kimchi Pancakes—fluffy pancakes drenched in a homemade kimchi sauce, offering an original and one-of-a-kind twist. Moreover, they offer specialty coffee, cocktails, and a delightful array of sweets and cakes.

4. Caravelle

Best breakfast in El Raval, Barcelona

Run by an English woman and an Australian, Caravelle blends the finest from both nations to present delectable and inventive brunches in a truly international ambiance. Situated in the heart of El Raval, this hipster breakfast spot boasts minimalist decor and consistently leaves patrons craving more. They prioritize local ingredients in their dishes and adapt their menu offerings according to the season, ensuring the utmost quality in each preparation. Every aspect of Caravelle, from its quaint terrace to its specialty coffee and, of course, its homemade craft beer, is simply delightful. Undoubtedly, a triumph and well deserved place in a list of best breakfasts in Barcelona!

5. Can Dende

A hidden gem for breakfasts close to Barcelona beach

This brunch place, nestled in the heart of Poblenou’s most industrial area, consistently draws a crowd. I personally queued up to savor their renowned “pulled pork,” and I can assure you, the wait was absolutely worthwhile. Patricia Leona, the Brazilian-born chef, infuses this place with her spirit, welcoming guests daily with the warmest attitude and the finest culinary creations. With four delightful variations of Eggs Benedict, each more delicious than the last, sweet and savory pancakes boasting a delightful homemade taste, an open kitchen for all to see, and occasional Brazilian dishes that are genuine revelations, it’s a true culinary gem and really good and quiet breakfast place in El Poblenou, Barcelona.

6. Citizen Café

Brunch in Barcelona: A diverse and delicious

A rustic and industrial-style brunch spot in the heart of Urquinaona Square, catering to brunch aficionados daily. Their friendly team extends a warm welcome, always prepared to provide top-notch recommendations from their extensive menu. With five enticing versions of Eggs Benedict, delectable toasts, fresh salads, flavorful raw fish bowls, sandwiches that boast a crispy exterior and a melt-in-your-mouth interior, and a wide array of hot and cold beverages to accompany your meal, it IS one really good breakfast place. Remarkably, one of the few places in the city open seven days a week, ensuring that when your brunch cravings strike in the heart of Barcelona, you know exactly where to head.

7. Oma Bistro

The Barcelona brunch spot where timeless classics never go out of style

At Oma Bistró, they believe that classics never go out of style, and that’s precisely the essence they’ve preserved with a menu of traditional brunches and a decor featuring brick walls and an eclectic array of furniture that evokes a cozy, homey atmosphere. Nestled at the crossroads of Casanova and Consell de Cent, you’re welcomed by a vintage bicycle, the aroma of books, coffee, and nostalgia. While they honor tradition, they also embrace new flavors with irresistible artisanal cakes, city-exclusive oxtail croquettes, and Eggs Benedict served alongside the finest potatoes in Barcelona—crispy on the outside, and delightfully creamy on the inside.

8. The Egg Lab

Breakfasts, brunch and eggs!

A year ago, The Egg Lab underwent a complete design overhaul, embracing a minimalist and monochromatic Japanese-inspired concept that resulted in an interior space both cozy and elegantly Instagram-worthy. While their menu may not be extensive, their gourmet brunch offerings are of the highest quality and a true treat for the taste buds. Unsurprisingly, the egg takes center stage on their menu, featuring preparations that are absolute must-tries, including the Alaska Royal Benedict and the Mexican Rancheros. Their beverage menu is equally impressive, boasting an array of juices, smoothies, chocolates, and exquisite specialty coffees.

9. Ugot Bruncherie

An Artisanal Cake Paradise for Those Who Aren’t Watching Their Diet

Ugot is more than just a brunch bar adorned with vintage decor; it’s a culinary time machine. Each visit feels like a journey through time, where you can either go back in time, thanks to the decor, or pause time altogether, savoring every delightful bite. The word “ugot” means “cake” in Hebrew, and this place warmly welcomes you with a counter adorned with a delectable array of homemade cakes that are truly irresistible. Every week, they unveil a new recipe for sale, infusing a blend of flavors and textures while infusing dedication and boundless creativity. And let’s not forget the brunch offerings, which are equally fantastic, featuring homemade brioche bread, Eggs Benedict, fried eggs, and more.

10. Hammock Juice Station

Brunch, Drinks, and Positive Vibes in Beach Hammocks

Picture yourself on a serene beach, completely at ease, lounging in a hammock with a refreshing juice of your favorite flavor. Well, regardless of the season, without having to break the bank for a vacation, and at any hour of the day, you can relish this experience at Hammock Juice Station. Located in the heart of La Dreta de l’Eixample, where the seating is in hammocks, the atmosphere is incredibly tranquil, and the brunches are absolutely delectable. They offer wholesome brunch options to suit every palate, including toast, protein bowls, Turkish eggs, and delightful homemade cookies.

11. Equilibrium Cafe

The best vegan brunch in Barcelona

This Brunch Café in Barcelona Offers One of the City’s Best Vegan Brunches. Even if You’re Not Vegetarian, I Highly Recommend Trying Everything. Their Vegan Sausages, Fake Bacon, and English Breakfast Are All Fantastic. While Prices Are Slightly Higher Than Other Top Spots, the Experience Is Truly Worth It. They Substitute Tofu for Eggs, Serve Delicious Pancakes Accompanied by Fresh, High-Quality Fruits. Located Just a Few Blocks from Casa Milà, Equilibrium Is a Must-Visit.

12. Milk Bar & Bistro

Pioneering the Barcelona Brunch Scene for Over a Decade

In the heart of the Gothic Quarter and just a few minutes from the Port of Barcelona, you’ll find one of the city’s longest-standing brunch places: “Milk.” For over a decade, it has been a go-to destination for brunch enthusiasts, offering delectable sweet pancakes and classic English breakfasts. During the day, they serve breakfast and brunch, and in the evening, they switch to serving traditional Barcelona tapas. The portions are generous, offering excellent value for the price, and they also boast an extensive cocktail and dessert menu. The owners, originally from the United States, have poured their hearts into this brunch-tapas-bar establishment, making it a well-respected place that consistently draws a crowd.

13. La Esquina

Barcelona Terrace Brunch: Gourmet Sandwiches and Fresh Salads

La Esquina: My Go-To Lunch and Brunch Spot by Plaza Catalunya. Enjoying a gourmet sandwich or a wonderfully fresh salad in the heart of the city center is a rare treat. Their organic specialty coffee is a revelation, boasting a rich aroma, a perfect balance between medium and strong, creaminess, and a lingering aftertaste that leaves you craving more. The joy of savoring brunch on the terrace, with Barcelona bustling around you, is truly unparalleled. Each sandwich is crafted with the right bread, generous fillings, and complemented by its unique sauce.

14. Cremat 11

Brunch cafeteria with the most beautiful terrace in El Born

Cremat 11: A Brunch Favorite Among locals in Barcelona. The pancakes here are an absolute delight, perhaps the fluffiest in the city. They come in a variety of mouthwatering combinations and adaptations like Pancake Benedict, Pancake Royale, and sweet options such as the Blueberry Lemon Pancake and my personal favorite, the Passion Fruit Pancake. The ambiance is charmingly simple, with a small rustic and industrial-style decor. The staff is exceptionally friendly and provides top-notch service. But wait, there’s more! Cremat also offers a dinner menu that shines with reinterpretations of traditional Spanish tapas infused with an international twist.

15. Lilo Brunch

Brunch and Specialty Coffee in the Company of Teddy Bears

Lilo Brunch: The Most Instagram-Worthy Brunch Café in Barcelona. It’s not easy to pick the trendiest spot from the bunch, but the intricate details of this place truly demand the attention of any camera lens. With wooden accents, cozy lighting, plush cushions, and oversized teddy bears welcoming you at the entrance or scattered throughout, it’s a visual delight. Lilo Brunch’s coffee is nothing short of spectacular, boasting exquisite flavor and presentation that feels like a work of art. Don’t miss their Bottomless brunch menu, offering a coffee of your choice, a dish, and unlimited mimosas.

16. Bohl

Vegetarian brunch in the heart of Barcelona

Less than a block away from the Arc de Triomphe, you’ll find Bohl, yet another gem among Barcelona’s best brunch spots. They offer a unique and highly innovative concept centered around “bowls” or “pp” (plant-powered) dishes that are not only healthy but also creatively crafted with rich nutrients to fuel your entire day. All their offerings are vegetarian, and some cater to vegans. My personal favorites are the “porridge bohla,” featuring Asian-style oats and softly cooked eggs that burst with flavor in your mouth (gluten-free oats are also available). The interior design of the establishment is another draw, adorned with hanging lights, lush plants, comfy cushions, and a staircase that doubles as casual seating for visitors.

17. Picnic

Cocktails and brunch to overcome hangovers

Just a stone’s throw from La Ciutadella, you’ll find Picnic, one of the brunch spots in Barcelona that comes with a slightly higher price tag than others, but the quality of their dishes and ingredients makes it worth every penny. Since its establishment in 2010, it has become a go-to spot every Sunday for friends who’ve enjoyed a night out on the town. The Big Papa Burger, the New York cheesecake, and the cocktails stand out as favorites on the menu. The space is intimate, cozy, and flooded with natural light, and they also offer a fairly spacious terrace.

18. Copasetic

The place for gluten-free brunch in Barcelona

Absolutely, the list would be incomplete without mentioning the finest gluten-free brunch spot in Barcelona, and “Copasetic” not only offers gluten-free options but also boasts perhaps the most diverse and extensive menu in the city. “Copasetic” means “totally satisfactory,” and I can assure you that this is exactly how you’ll feel after sampling some of their delightful dishes. Their breakfasts and brunches feature locally sourced ingredients and are crafted with a stylized Mediterranean flair, enhanced by their unique signature touches. The vintage interior, inspired by the 1920s and adorned with eco-friendly materials, undoubtedly reflects Copasetic’s strong commitment to sustainability.