The best brunches in Gracia: 13 of the coolest places to start your day

The best brunches in Gracia: 13 of the coolest places to start your day


Whether you’re recovering from a night of fun or gearing up for an action-packed Sunday, nothing quite satisfies like the joy of weekend brunch in Gracia, the most hip Barcelona neighborhood. While this tradition has been savored for years, it’s only recently blossomed in Gracia. Local cafes, bars, and restaurants are in a friendly competition to offer the best, and luckily for us, we reap the rewards. 

While some places offer weekday brunches, it’s the weekends where the real magic happens. Menus burst with pastries, coffee, eggs benedict, fruits, and even hamburgers and cocktails. Our suggestion? Aim to explore as many of these 15 fantastic brunches in Gracia, Barcelona as you can.

1. EatMyTrip Brunch & Coffee

Must visit brunch spots in Gràcia

This Brunch in Gracia is the best choice for all content lovers and creators. If you want to enjoy tasty meals and interesting unconventional dishes, while also sharing your experience at the most
Instagram-worthy brunch spot in Gràcia, this is the place for you.

Here, you can indulge in dishes inspired by cuisines from all around the world. They’ve got a variety of options, including creative vegetarian and vegan dishes. Some must-try items include the Thai Eggs Benedict, Guacamole Toast, and the Choco Loco Pancakes.  The palace is famous among area residents for its large selection of specialty coffees and delicious Latte drinks.

2. Origo

A famous bakery that also offers the best specialty coffee in Gràcia.

In this bakery, you can treat yourself to one of the best baking experiences in Gràcia, Barcelona. They use the finest grains for baking, and it’s all super nourishing – great even for folks who can’t have gluten. You’ve gotta try their rye bread and the special Montcada bread from Ogassa and their delicious pastries. Origo is a renowned supplier of bread to the best brunch restaurants in Barcelona. 

And guess what? It’s also a prime spot to savor fantastic coffee. I’m more than willing to go the extra mile to grab one of their exquisite cappuccinos to take away. An essential stop for all enthusiasts of brunch in Gracia!

3. Les Filles Cafè

Cozy Brunch restaurant in Gracia
with food like at home

For fans of brunch in Gracia, this café’s standout feature is its incredibly cozy charm, which draws inspiration from natural ingredients. It crafts a warm environment that truly feels like dining in your personal garden. Here, you’ll find a hidden oasis that lets you connect with nature while relishing unmissable dishes, such as their Quinoa Bowl paired with roasted veggies.

4. Nabucco Tiramisu

Rustic-chic café offering home-baked breads and a cozy breakfast experience

This pastry shop and café is known for its 100% handmade dishes. You can enjoy simple yet amazingly flavorful cakes and very creative recipes here. The place is cozy, relaxed with attentive service and 100% healthy food. All what you need for a beautiful morning. Don’t miss out on their Quiches and salads, and definitely try their homemade cakes. I highly recommend the Buckwheat Blueberry Cake.

5. Coco House – Gràcia

Vegan & gluten-free smoothie bowls, shakes & snacks dished up in a hip brunc spot in Gracia

For those seeking a serene experience of brunch in Gracia, this spot offers a tranquil escape in a picturesque setting. Indulge in their unique and wholesome creations that boast incredible flavors. Remember to sample their must-try homemade vegan, gluten-free brownies and delightful vegetarian cookies for a complete and satisfying visit.

6. Bicioci Bike Café

One of the best brunch places in Gràcia for specialty coffee

At this restaurant, you’ll get to savor the most delicious dishes crafted from fresh ingredients. Don’t miss their scrumptious and nutritious pizzas, perfect for a delightful brunch. And make sure you try their thoughtfully chosen specialty coffee, prepared with passion every step of the way, just for you to relish in your cup.

7. Sabio Infante Brunch &

Brunch in Gràcia full of flavors and colors

Sabio Infante is a haven for coffee enthusiasts. They take pride in using hand-picked and specially roasted coffee beans that are exclusively brewed at their café. You’ll immediately taste the dedication they pour into every step, resulting in a flavor that stands out. Moreover, don’t miss out on their delectable breakfast options, including hearty brunches to start your day right. Their Boxes are a must-try, packed with goodies like pancakes, smoothies, yogurt, cookies, bagels, and fresh juices.

8. ByKate

Specialty coffee, pastelería & brunch in Gràcia

At this spot, you can relish a diverse range of cakes that perfectly complement their excellent coffee. Alongside, their menu boasts dishes infused with Latin American flair, featuring Argentinean and Venezuelan specialties, as well as more familiar choices. Don’t miss out on their delightful brunch offerings, including yogurt and egg-topped toast.

9. Syra Coffee

Another hot spot for specialty coffee in Gracia

This café has emerged as a neighborhood favorite, largely due to its top-notch coffee and inviting spaces that guarantee a wonderful experience. A standout feature is their option to purchase coffee beans, as the café boasts its own roasting facility. Additionally, you’ll find a variety of beverages like Matcha and a tempting selection of desserts including donuts, cakes, and cookies.

10. Suis & Bowls

The Cozy Cafe in Gracia offers a selection of delightful teas

At this café, you’ll unwind in a contemporary and laid-back setting while indulging in artisanal coffee, along with homemade pastries and delightful sweet crepes. The ambiance is welcoming, featuring charming decor and an extensive menu. Quick service and, of course, delightful flavors await you. What’s more, you’ll receive a picturesque to share on your social media.

  • Highlights: A destination for a tranquil and leisurely experience, offering coffee and a diverse range of beverages like matcha and various teas.
  • Where: Travessera de Gràcia, 151
  • Instagram: @suisgracia

11. SlowMov – Coffee Roasters

A wonderfully serene spot to relish your breakfast in Gràcia

This place is sure to win your heart with its fantastic service and delectable coffee. It boasts a welcoming ambiance and serves top-notch pasta of exceptional quality. With its in-house coffee roaster, you’ll savor the finest, incredibly fresh flavors. The skilled barista adds an artistic touch to their creations, ensuring you savor the best flavors. No doubt, you’ll find yourself returning before long.

12. Salvage coffee Gràcia

A charming Gràcia cafe for relaxing mornings and excellent coffee

For a peaceful experience and delicious coffee, this is your ideal spot. With cozy armchairs that create a homey feel, it’s perfect for relaxation. Indulge in their vegan, homemade pastries with unmatched flavors. The café also offers 100% natural coffee sourced from the finest Colombian coffee beans.

13. El Noa Noa

A café in Gràcia with the ambiance of a Barcelona-style bookstore

If you enjoy reading over a cup of coffee, this is your haven. Each table comes with a literary companion for a delightful time. With its ideal location, this place seamlessly blends a bookstore with a cozy atmosphere, made even better by the welcoming staff. If you’re seeking a great coffee experience coupled with insights into Barcelona’s culture and art, this café is a must-visit.

  • Highlights: A space to relish literature along with the aroma and flavor of Barcelona’s finest coffee.
  • Where: C/ de Torrijos, 22
  • Instagram: @eselnoanoa