The best carrot cake in Barcelona: Where to eat it?

The best carrot cake in Barcelona: Where to eat it?


Elaborated since the Middle Ages, carrot cake, also called carrot tart or carrot cake, is one of the tastiest sweet cakes that exist, with the carrot providing flavor, texture, and appearance to the cake.

Is it one of your favorite sweets, and would you like to know where to get it in Barcelona? Take note of these places we are going to recommend!

The best carrot cake in Barcelona awaits you at EatMyTrip.

In our establishments, you will have the opportunity to try our homemade carrot and almond cake. The cake exudes a pleasant aroma, with a soft and moist consistency that melts in your mouth, gradually revealing the fine grated carrot pieces that blend with the ground almonds. An experience that will gradually conquer your palate with each bite, and that you can enjoy at our Barcelona locations in Eixample on Consell de Cent Street 379 and Gràcia on Riera de Cassoles Avenue 56.

Is it necessary to reserve a table? No, and in fact, we do not accept reservations, serving on a first-come, first-served basis. So come as soon as possible to make sure you get a table!

We serve the best carrot cake in Barcelona

In which other establishments can you eat carrot cake in Barcelona?

Let’s see the different places where you can try a delicious carrot cake, as well as many other dishes that will make your mouth water!

Blu Bar

This restaurant is located at Rambla de Poblenou 11, on the corner with Taulat. It invites its customers to enjoy a pleasant experience with a cozy atmosphere, charming decoration, and impeccable service from its staff.

Their homemade carrot cake is best enjoyed in winter, accompanied by matcha tea or one of their freshly squeezed juices. Although nothing is better to beat the heat than a cup of hot chocolate.

Spice Café

In the charming neighborhood of Poble Sec, there is this café where they serve, according to some, the most incredible carrot cake in Barcelona. Homemade, it is juicy and moist, with lots of nuts and a delicate texture that melts in your mouth.

The biggest drawback of this establishment is that it is small, and you need to go early to find a spot. Is it worth it? Absolutely, just for the opportunity to try this cake and enjoy the pleasant treatment from the owners.

Carrot Café

What do you think is their star dish? Of course, the carrot cake! An indescribable flavor, a texture that melts in your mouth, and leaves the unique taste of carrot on your tongue.

They also have other dishes worth trying if you visit the place, such as the gabels or their focaccias. If you fancy something sweet and indulgent, don’t hesitate to order their cheesecake. You can find them at Carrer de Tànger 22.


Combining fun and culture through their products is the goal of this café, self-proclaimed as the new generation of Coffee Shop.

All their dishes are made with natural ingredients, to ensure the best flavor of their quiches and cakes, with the carrot cake standing out. They organize several workshops and games throughout the year, so you can have a good time with your family while enjoying their star dish. Where can you find this place?

On Pau Claris Street 90, right next to the Passeig de Gràcia station, with links to the L2, L3, and L4 lines.

Where you can eat carrot cake in Barcelona?


Are you one of those who like to have breakfast out? Molika is the perfect place to start the day and have something that gives you the energy to face a hard workday. If you have the chance, try their almond and cherry cookies, although, without a doubt, customers come to this place for their carrot cake.

If you work or live near Casp Street 57, don’t think twice. They are open from 07:30 am, so you will have plenty of time to savor your breakfast calmly!

Lolita Bakery

It might not be the best place for someone on a diet but… What’s wrong with treating yourself every now and then? They are on Portal Nou Street 20, near the Urquinaona station.

They offer a great variety of American sweets, and they also have some French ones. Especially recommended is their carrot cake; juicy, fluffy, and with a flavor that can only be described as excellent. They open from 11:00 am Monday to Friday, so why not stop by for lunch?

Café Camelia

A vegan café located on Verdi Street 79, offering a great variety of vegetarian dishes including their homemade carrot cake, with a unique flavor.

We also recommend you try their lemon cake because it is delicious! But be careful not to overdo it… they may be organic, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make you gain weight!