Best Eggs Benedict in Barcelona 2024

Best Eggs Benedict in Barcelona 2024


Among all brunches, eggs benedict are the king. Have you never tried them? You don’t know what you’ve been missing! Moreover, we’ll show you where you can try the best eggs benedict in Barcelona.

Where can you eat eggs benedict in Barcelona?

The absolute star of any brunch, and the perfect food to fuel up; that’s what eggs benedict are. Here are the places in Barcelona where you can try them!

The best place to eat benedict eggs in Barcelona

EatMyTrip Brunch & Bakery Barcelona

On our menu, we have two very tasty options to enjoy eggs benedict in a special way:

The first is the Macho Ibérico Benedict, where we serve two poached eggs covered in truffled hollandaise sauce, crispy Iberian ham, and spinach on a grilled cheese and smoked BBQ sandwich. And to make sure you don’t go hungry, fantastic oven-baked potatoes!

The second option is the Thai Eggs Benedict, where the eggs are served on a slice of brioche bread with spinach, sautéed mushrooms, Thai Panang hollandaise sauce, crispy papadums, and peanuts. You can add avocado, bacon, salmon, pulled chicken, or potatoes to the dish.

Would you like to come and try them? We are waiting for you at Carrer del Consell de Cent 378!

Federal Café

An ambiance that perfectly connects with everyone, delicious knife-and-fork breakfasts, and flavors that will make you want to return again and again to try their different dishes.

They serve eggs benedict following the traditional recipe, accompanied by spinach or English bacon, with the option to add smoked salmon or extra avocado. Want to try them? They’re at Carrer Parlament 39.


At Carrer Marqués de Barberà 24, you’ll find Trópico brunch, where it’s always summer!

With their impressive variety of drinks, you can enjoy poached eggs with an English muffin, pastrami, and hollandaise sauce, with herb-seasoned potatoes and a baby spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, radishes, and sauerkraut as a complement.

Las Tres a la Cuina

A family-friendly atmosphere and meticulous care in preparing and serving all ingredients is the formula for success at this establishment on Carrer Sant Lluis 35.

Here we can try perfectly poached eggs benedict, served with tender spinach. They have other brunch options that will not leave any diner indifferent.

The Benedict

Located in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, offering four types of eggs benedict; The first is a completely original recipe using tomato, mozzarella, and pesto.

Their second proposal is the traditional recipe, serving the eggs with bacon. The third, Florentine eggs, served with sautéed spinach. Finally, one of their star dishes: eggs benedict served with smoked salmon.


Located on Carrer Gignàs 21, next to The Benedict, it has managed to position itself as one of the best brunch spots in Barcelona, recognized for its eggs benedict.

And for good reason, as they have reinvented the recipe by offering poached eggs with crab meat. Accompanied by friendly service, it is the perfect place to go for lunch and relax in your free time. However… you have to hurry because it fills up quickly!

You want to eat benedict eggs in Barcelona?

The best eggs benedict in Barcelona await you at EatMyTrip

Wait, we’re not done yet! We still have two more places to recommend where you can eat eggs benedict in Barcelona…

EatMyTrip Brunch & Coffee

At Avenida de la Riera de Cassoles 56, you’ll find our second establishment, where you can try our original recipe of poached eggs on a slice of toasted brioche bread with spinach and mushrooms.

All this covered with a hollandaise sauce made with beetroot and orange, beetroot hummus, cilantro, and delicious roasted potatoes as a side dish.

EatMyTrip Brunch & Bakery Poblenou

If you find yourself near Rambla de Poblenou, come to number 27, because we’ll be waiting for you at our place!

Here you can try both our Macho Ibérico Benedict and the Thai Benedict Eggs. As you know, you can add more ingredients to satisfy your demanding palates!

Can’t wait to savor our delicious eggs benedict? Book your table now at one of our locations, and we’ll make sure to wait for you at the indicated time with everything ready to serve you!