Specialty coffee shops in Barcelona? The 8 best

Specialty coffee shops in Barcelona? The 8 best


You’re touring Barcelona, and are you going to have the same coffee you drink every day? Not at all! We’ll show you the best specialty coffee shops where you can enjoy a unique experience, tasting coffees with intense, smooth, or sweet flavors. A true treat for your palate!

Where can you find specialty coffee in Barcelona?

Among its more than 7000 hospitality establishments, here are the 8 you must visit if you want to enjoy specialty coffee in Barcelona:

What are best specialty coffee shops in Barcelona?

EatMyTrip Brunch & Coffee Barcelona

At Avinguda de la Riera de Cassoles 56, in the Grácia neighborhood, you’ll find our establishment where you can taste delicious, aromatic, and flavorful specialty coffee. Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat white, Iced latte, Chocolate latte, Chai latte Prana, Matcha latte, Barbie chai latte…

We have a wide variety! Served by our professionals, who will advise and recommend the best combination according to your tastes.

Ruma’s Coffee

Want to taste authentic specialty coffee? Clearly, you can only do this at one of Ruma’s Coffee shops, rated 96 out of 100 by the Specialty Coffee Association.

They have two locations; one on Calle dels Escuders and another on Calle de Moiá 13. No matter which one you visit, you’ll enjoy authentic specialty coffees that will leave you speechless!

Satan’s Coffee

Founded by Marcos Bartolomé, who comes from a family that has been roasting coffee for generations, they have a shop at Calle de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call 11.

Offering an open-concept space in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, they specialize in coffee, although they also offer meals cooked live by their Japanese chef. After trying their dishes, why not finish the menu with one of their specialty coffees?

Three Marks Coffee

Named after its three founders, who coincidentally all share the name Marc, they opened their first café at the corner of Carrer d’Ausiàs with Marina, featuring a roastery at the Forum located at Moll de la Rda. 10, where you can taste their specialty coffee.

They recently opened a third location in Poblenou, in the Six N. Five studio. Their specialty coffees? They are on another level, making it impossible to leave unsatisfied after trying them.

El Magnífico

A family business, led by Salvador Sans, to whom we can attribute the title of pioneers of specialty coffee in Spain. What for many is now a trend, El Magnífico started implementing years ago, becoming a true reference in the sector.

Moreover, they supply specialty coffee to many local businesses that cannot afford to import it.


As soon as you walk through its door, you’ll notice that distinctive smell of coffee beans. SlowMov is a concept that goes beyond a simple café; selling to both individuals and small hospitality businesses.

Although most of their clientele orders coffee to go, you can relax at one of their tables at this establishment on Calle Luis Antúnez 18, experiencing how a new blend of flavors slowly descends down your palate, leaving a very pleasant aftertaste in your mouth.

Hidden Coffee Roasters

Despite its name, this café isn’t that hidden, as you can easily find it at the corner where Calle Constrança meets Calle Déu i Mata. What makes them so special? To get their coffee beans, they travel to countries like El Salvador, Ethiopia, or Colombia, offering a unique experience to taste the different flavors of the world.

Another positive point? They are always open to sharing their knowledge and experiences with their customers. If you want to discover more about coffee, without a doubt, this is your place.

where to have specialty coffee in Barcelona?

Nomad Coffee Lab & Shop

Specialty café or raw material supplier? It’s both! Its owner, Jordi Mestre, has been crowned National Barista Champion twice. At their location on Passatge Sert 12, he creates and experiments with various combinations, selling everything needed for their customers to make their own specialty coffee at home.

As an attraction, they hold coffee-related courses throughout the year, perfect for coffee lovers and enthusiasts. They have a second location on Calle Pujades 95, where they also sell local fruits and vegetables.

Try our specialty coffee at our Eixample brunch!

In Barcelona, we have a second location at Calle del Consell de Cent 378, where you can not only enjoy our exclusive specialty coffees but also a delicious brunch!

A pleasant space to relax after a long day while tasting an exclusive blend with our roasted coffee beans combined with other flavors… You’ll be amazed by the taste in your mouth!