10 Best Vegan Breakfast & Brunch in Madrid 2022

10 Best Vegan Breakfast & Brunch in Madrid 2022


Finding a nice vegan brunch or breakfast in Madrid, and at a good price can be challenging, but it is possible!

Gone are the days when vegans and vegetarians could hardly eat anything other than a salad.  Society is changing the way they eat and that is noticeable in restaurants and cafes in the big cities of our country. In this article, we collected a list of hand-picked vegan brunch restaurants in Madrid, with the best plant-based options!

Let’s dive in and discover the best vegan branch & breakfast in Madrid!

1. Eatmytrip Brunch & Dinner

Come and try the best vegan breakfasts and brunch in the capital

Would you like to enjoy a vegan brunch in Madrid at any time of the day? This place in the heart of the Malasaña neighborhood will fulfill your wishes. Eatmytrip Brunch & Dinner offers its guests creative and beautifully presented dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With exquisite decor and a cozy atmosphere, you can enjoy delicious vegan breakfast options, such as Vegan kimchi, Buddha bowl, Açai, Thai Eggs Benedict, Guacamole Toast, or Choco Loco Pancakes.

  • Special features: Brunch menu inspired by the flavors of the world: from Asia to Latin America. Quality products for healthy and tasty recipes. This place does not accept reservations during the morning.
  • Where: C. de Manuela Malasaña, 17, 28004 Madrid
  • Menu: Eatmytrip
  • Price: Between 10€ and 20€.
  • Websiteeatmytrip.com

2. Honest Greens

Natural style and healthy brunch in Madrid

Another of the most recommended places for having a delicious vegetarian brunch in Madrid. This restaurant proposes that you create your ideal dish by yourself; by choosing a type of dish, its main sauce, its proteins, and the garnish that you like. The result? A finger-licking healthy breakfast or brunch. In addition, you can order your plant-based breakfast at home in Madrid thanks to its own mobile application.

3. Eatmytrip Brunch & Cocktails

Сomida sana y vegana en Madrid Centro

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so brunch should be the second most important and here it is taken very seriously! After its tremendous success in Barcelona, Eatmytrip opened a new location in Madrid and quickly became the must-visit place. A travel-inspired natural style, colorful and full of cool vibes. Eatmytrip Brunch & Cocktails offers vegan and vegetarian breakfast options that will drive you crazy. Our recommendation? The Alpine Brunch, the Almond Flour Brownie and the legendary French toast are authentic delights for your palate and flavours from other continents!

  • Special features: Original and colourful restaurant, with international and outstandingly presented dishes for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Fresh products. Spacious premises, ideal for groups. This restaurant accepts reservations through its website.
  • Where: C. de la Moreria, 11, 28005 Madrid
  • Menu: Eatmytrip
  • Price: Between 10€ and 20€
  • Websiteeatmytrip.com

4. Distrito Vegano Invernadero

Enjoy a 100% plant-based brunch in the capital city

And continuing with the list of vegan brunch restaurants in Madrid, from 10 am to 12 noon, you can go to this vegan restaurant to get yourself stuffed with a good brunch without remorse. Vegan District is a place with a modern and minimalist style, and in its morning menu, we can highlight dishes such as Brunch De La Moder or Del Distrito, natural juices, and hot chocolate.

5. Freedom Cakes Café

Vegan breakfast in Madrid in the American “fast food” style

Are you a fan of American-style brunches? Can’t find vegan restaurants in Madrid where to try them? The Freedom Cakes Café is here for you. Toasts with beans, tofu dishes, bagels, XXL waffles, cakes, pancakes, burgers… You have to try it!

6. Frutas Prohibidas

Vegan eggs, kombucha, and açaí are among its best sellers

This place with an industrial touch in decoration offers a vegan brunch with very special products and recipes. It stands out for its vegan philosophy and attracts vegans and non-vegans from all over the world. Some of its peculiarities? The vegan eggs and bacon, their artisanal kombucha, and the variety of açaí bowls you can create.

7. Pum Pum Café

Breakfast and brunch with vegan options in the center of Madrid

This is a modern café with a bakery, where you can have your vegan breakfast or brunch in the heart of Madrid (Lavapiés neighbourhood). It has a wide variety of delicious coffees and teas that you can mix with vegetable drinks, organic soft drinks, and toasts like the Vegan Avotoast, for real avocado lovers.

8. Chilling Cafe

A small cafeteria with veggie based options

There are plenty of places to eat vegetarian brunch in Madrid, but few with the charm of Chilling Cafe. This small rustic-style place offers an intimate, cozy and local atmosphere that you won’t find in others. You will have breakfast at this vegan restaurant in Madrid, cheap, like at home, with dishes such as pancakes with fruit and vegan frosting, cheesecake, oatmeal cake, or toast with peanut butter and jam.

9. Avocado Love

One of the greenest vegan brunches you will find in Madrid

For many, the key to a good vegan brunch in Madrid is the green. At Avocado Love it’s the color par excellence of their dishes, and in all of them, you will find avocado. From hummus, ceviche, salads… Undoubtedly, a unique proposal to eat brunch healthily.

10. Naked & Salted

Healthy food and vegan/vegetarian brunch options

Many vegetarian restaurants in Madrid center can offer you a 100% vegan menu but not always healthy. Naked & Sated offers a varied menu for vegetarians and carnivores, both very healthy. Among its dishes to enjoy for breakfast or brunch, we highlight avocado and egg waffles, buckwheat pancakes, and vegan orange donuts.

Discover Eatmytrip restaurants in Madrid and it’s vegan brunch inspired by traveling

Between the two Eatmytrip restaurants in Madrid, we serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner dishes all day, every day of the week. Looking for a cool place to have breakfast or brunch with vegan options? Or are you looking to enjoy the same brunch dishes but with dinner and drinks?

I WANT IT ALL, you can read on our wall because we know that’s exactly what you think when you read our menus. If you want to eat a good vegan brunch in Madrid at any time, do not hesitate to book a table with us by clicking here.