The perfect plan for one day in Madrid: The perfect route

The perfect plan for one day in Madrid: The perfect route


Madrid is an enormous city with many tourist attractions. But if you only have one day, what can you do to make the most of your time?

We’re going to show you the best route to make the most of your stay in the city and not feel like you’ve wasted your time!

The perfect route to enjoy one day in Madrid

Next, we will show you a series of locations that you must visit. Make sure to follow the route to not waste a second!

What you can see 1 day in Madrid?

Mercado de San Miguel

The Mercado de San Miguel is, without a doubt, the most touristy market in the city. You can marvel at its many stalls, and you might even stay for breakfast at one of the eateries if you want.

On top of that, you can still admire the original iron structure from 1903. However, the prices are not cheap, so be prepared to spend!

Basílica del Pontífice de San Miguel

Located at Calle de San Justo 4, right in the heart of the Austrias, it was completed in 1745 and is one of the most significant architectural works of Spanish Baroque.

It’s impossible not to be amazed by all its details, making it a gathering place for both believers and non-believers.

A Stop for Brunch

It’s time to take a break for something to eat! Luckily, just a few minutes from the basilica, there’s an EatMyTrip nearby, at Calle de la Moreira 11.

You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, with each ingredient carefully placed to mix flavors in your mouth and give you an incredible taste experience.

We recommend making a reservation a bit in advance to get a table. When you arrive, everything will be ready for you to place your order!


Museo del Prado

Coming to Madrid and not spending some time inside the Museo del Prado could almost be considered sacrilege.

Here you can see ancient royal collections by artists like Titian, Fra Angelico, Bosch, and Rubens, not to mention the vast collection of works by Velázquez and Goya.

Our tip to avoid spending the whole day there? Start by touring the museum to see the 10 masterpieces, then move on to the rest.

Parque del Retiro

Madrid has many parks, but none compare to the majesty and beauty of Parque del Retiro.

Walk, run, ride a boat, skate, visit an art exhibition, or even watch an independent performance. We recommend going to the Montaña de los Gatos, an artificial hill that’s a meeting point for those gathering in the park.

Plaza de Cibeles

This square is known for the fountain representing the goddess Cybele, mother of Earth and the center of all celebrations for the city’s football teams.

To see it in all its glory, we suggest visiting in the late afternoon or evening when the lights come on and you can marvel at an incredible light show.

The Palacio de Cibeles is also here. If you have the chance, go inside to see the Crystal Gallery, a huge dome covering the courtyard.

Around this area, you’ll find plenty of places to eat some typical Madrid tapas, closing out your day in Madrid.

Best places to visit in Madrid

Other Places of Interest in Madrid

Think you’ll have time left? Here are other places you should visit during your stay in Madrid!

Puerta de Alcalá

In the past, this gate was used by travelers coming from France and Aragon, being one of the five royal gates of entry into Madrid.

Today, it is a meeting point and one of the city’s main tourist attractions, impeccably preserved and maintaining all its grandeur.

Puerta del Sol

This is not just any place; it’s where the kilometer zero of Spain is located, the origin of the six national radial roads that go from Madrid to the Communities of Galicia, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Extremadura, Andalusia, and Valencia.

Nearby, you’ll find the Casa Museo del Ratón Pérez, the Chocolatería de San Ginés (open 24 hours), and the San Ginés bookstore selling second-hand books outdoors since 1650.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

If the Prado left you wanting more, there is another museum in Madrid you should visit: the Reina Sofia Museum.

Inside its walls are some of the most important works of Spanish and European art, such as Picasso’s Guernica. It’s worth spending a couple of hours inside contemplating all the works of art that made their authors famous.

Palacio Real

Located next to the Almudena Cathedral, it’s one of the city’s most interesting points.

As you know, it’s the official residence of the kings of Spain, built in the mid-18th century. It’s one of the largest royal palaces in Europe, almost twice the size of Buckingham Palace. Can it be visited? Of course, and you can enter some of the rooms, such as the armory or the pharmacy.

Templo de Debod

If you like Egyptian architecture, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the Temple of Debod, which you’ll reach from Calle de Ferraz.

Over 2,200 years old, this temple was a gift from the Egyptian government for Spain’s help in saving Abu Simbel when the Aswan High Dam was built. A large park was built around the temple where Madrilenians go to relax and forget the stresses of daily life.

La Gran Vía

As a final recommendation, one cannot leave Madrid without visiting, at least, the Gran Vía, the city’s largest social center.

Here are historic buildings such as El Grassy, the Telefónica building, or the Metropolis, as well as the city’s main theater where you can see the famous musical The Lion King.