Plan for 1 perfect day in Barcelona: The best route

Plan for 1 perfect day in Barcelona: The best route


Barcelona is a very lively city, with countless places to visit to learn about its history, tradition, and heritage… But, do you only have one day?! Even though it may not seem like it, we are going to help you make the most of it!

Throughout this article, we will guide you on what to do in Barcelona in one day so that you go home feeling like you made the most of your time.

What can you see in Barcelona in one day? The must-see spots!

We have a few hours, so take note and manage your time well if you don’t want to miss anything:

Sagrada Familia

If you ask anyone “What should be the first thing I see in Barcelona?”, everyone will give you the same answer: The Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudí.

The pinnacle of modernism, notable because even after more than 150 years, it still isn’t finished. Both the interior and exterior are pure art, and if you look closely, you’ll realize that every detail has been meticulously crafted during its construction.

You can get there by metro and get off at the stop that will drop you right in front. Take it easy and enjoy a couple of hours leisurely at one of humanity’s greatest works of art.

Discover where you can go in Barcelona in 1 day

Have brunch in Gràcia

It’s brunch time! And since you’re in the Gràcia area, you have multiple cafes and spots to have breakfast and fill your belly.

For example, you can find our EatMyTrip location on Avenida de la Riera de Cassoles 56, where you can taste the best eggs Benedict in the city, along with other dishes that will leave you speechless.

Stroll through Park Güell

With your stomach full, what better than a walk in a park to digest your food? We recommend visiting Park Güell, where you can explore Gaudí’s surreal and symbolic art atop the hill, from which you can enjoy impressive views of the city.

In summer, we advise bringing water as it gets quite hot. And remember that access might be limited if there’s a lot of people, so don’t go too late!

La Rambla

While waiting for lunchtime, you can take a stroll down La Rambla of Barcelona, the city’s most bustling area.

It’s just over a kilometer long, with many places to see like the Liceu theater, shops, spots, the ambiance… and many restaurants around where you can stop to have something if you’re still hungry after brunch.

Gothic Quarter

Another of the city’s most interesting places is the picturesque Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, characterized by narrow and very busy streets, with medieval buildings that make it the perfect place to walk.

What will you find here? Besides numerous shops and restaurants, there is the Barcelona Cathedral, Plaça Reial, and Avinyó Street where you’ll find many fashion stores.

Wineries for dinner

Instead of dining at a restaurant, why not try something different and visit a winery? Here you can sit and enjoy a tapa accompanied by a delicious glass of cava or wine. However, they are quite small, so you need to go early to get a spot.

Another option is to go to Plaça Reial where there is the largest concentration of trendy bars and clubs to dance, have some drinks, or enjoy the night breeze in August. Here you will find places like Jamboree to listen to jazz music or Rei de Copes to have drinks and wrap up the night.

Best places to visit in Barcelona in 1 day

Other interesting places you should visit in Barcelona

Have you already visited any of the places we’ve recommended? In that case, include one of these to replace it and make the most of your day in Barcelona!

La Boqueria Market

On La Rambla is the city’s largest and most famous market, where you can buy all kinds of fresh food.

For tourists, the main attraction is tasting the tapas from the bars scattered among the market stalls. Better go on an empty stomach because you’ll end up full with their baby squid, garlic shrimp, or cheese and cold cuts platters!

Barcelona History Museum

In Plaça del Rei is the Barcelona History Museum; a square that has maintained its medieval character, making it the most authentic place in the city.

Here you can not only learn about the city’s history but also much of the Catalonia Community with findings dating back to ancient Rome.


Who feels like taking a dip or dipping their feet while enjoying a beautiful sunset? Clearly, your destination should be Barceloneta Beach!

You can get there by metro, getting off at the stop with the same name. A long stretch of sand with activity throughout the day, with many stalls to have a drink while enjoying the sea breeze caressing your face. Prefer something less stressful? Just 10 minutes away is La Nova Beach, smaller and less crowded for those who prefer to stay away from the crowds.